Sheep Feedlot Trial, Keith

Trial date October 2017
Trial period Ongoing. 
Purpose To remove debris, dust and feed from settling on the water surface.
Situation  Sheep and lamb feedlot. 
Water type Bore water/treated town water (chlorinated) blend.
Algae  Yes
Stock type/numbers  Sheep and lamb/ up to 5,000.
Cleaning frequency (pre-trial) Every 2 days. 


Trial Clarification

  • The client had issues with his lambs not drinking enough water. He was advised to try the solar Pump System in order to move the water around the trough to saturate the dust and debris, in turn ensuring it falls to the bottom of the trough. 

  • Initially, the client installed 10 pumps and was so impressed with the result that another 30 pumps were subsequently installed. A total of 40 pumps are now installed. 

  • The only issue encountered with the Pump System was that the pump filter would block up over a three day period, resulting in poor water flow. 

  • The client stated that the lambs responded very well to the system. Without any actual set trial procedure for comparison, he did note that the animals' condition had improved and weight gains were well above average within a short period of time using the Pump System. 



Every four days* 

*Note: Depending on weather and other conditions.