Sheep Paddock, Murray Bridge

Trial Date February 2017.
Purpose To understand the walking and drinking habits of sheep.
Situation 80 acres of paddocks.

Water Type

Untreated river water.

Algae issues


Stock type/numbers

Pregnant ewes/100.

Cleaning frequency (pre-trial)

3-5 days.


Trial Clarification 

The purpose of the trial was to monitor the drinking and walking habits of the sheep. The two paddocks adjacent to each other were considered in the trial. Each was approximately 50 acres in size and had the same quality pasture. There were 50 pregnant ewes in each paddock, each containing one water trough on either side of the fence. The trough on the right side in the videos was installed with the Pumping System.


Trial Comments 

  • The trial was not as successful as we had hoped for, due to losing power in the GPS trackers just two days into the trial.

  • The information that we did receive from the tracking system was that the ‘trial ewes’ appeared to move more often around the paddock. In contrast, the ‘controlled ewes’ appeared to spend a lot of time in one corner of the paddock. The video information received shows the ‘trial ewes’ appeared to come in to drink more often than the ‘controlled ewes’.

  • There was no algae evident in the trial water trough. The controlled water trough had to be cleaned every four days to remove algae.