Cattle Feedlot, Clare

Trial Date

January 2018.

Trial Period


To understand water consumption when using the Pump System in a cattle feedlot.

Situation Cattle feedlot.

Water Type

Bore water (water analysis was taken).

Algae issues Yes.

Stock type/numbers

Weaner Heifers avg. 200kg/78

Cleaning frequency (pre-trial)

5-7 days. 


Trial Clarification 

Trough 1: Pump System fitted only with a water meter (located on the left in the video). 

Trough 2: Trough with no pump system, fitted with a water meter only (centre trough in the video).

Trough 3: Pump System fitted with a magnetic water softener and water meter (located on the right in the video).

The trial consisted of two pens (Pen 13 and Pen 14) containing equal amounts of station Heifers approximately 200kg. There were 39 in each pen.

Troughs were placed in both pens, as outlined below:

Pen 13 (controlled group)  

  • One trough only. Containing the original water trough with only a water meter fitted and with no pump system.

Pen 14 (trial group) 

  • Three troughs in the pen. 


Trial Comments 

  • The trial was predominately set up to understand water consumption with the use of the Pumping System. What eventuated was very interesting.

  • The trial cattle in Pen 14 were drinking much more water than the controlled cattle in Pen 13. However, after three-four days, the client observed the trial cattle were not eating all their feed, and were leaving up to 30-40kg in the trough each day.
  • His observations were monitored closely over the following 14 days, and he started to reduce the amount of feed given to the trial animals.
  • He also noted the trial animals would eat and drink, and then rest for much of the day. This was in stark comparison to the controlled animals, who would move from the feed to water, and would also be moving around feeding and drinking randomly throughout the day.
  • When the cattle were weighed there was a variance between the pens with the trial pen averaging 200 grams more in weight gain per head than the controlled pen.

  • This coupled with the fact that less feed was consumed by the trial pen cattle, who also indicated extra weight gain, convinced us to continue the trial for a longer period.

  • Results from the weighing of the cattle, and measuring their water consumption can be viewed in the additional documents.



Five-seven days. 

Note: The client did note that the troughs with pumps installed were not as dirty in comparison to the trough without the Pump System in place.