Ram Stud, Borika

 Trial Date

December 2014


Large stubble paddock

Water type

Bore water - low salinity

Algae issues

Yes, a very high concentration of algae in all water troughs

Cleaning frequency (pre-trial)

Every two days for algae, straw and dirt


Trial Comments 

  • This was the first trial conducted with the client. We set up a second trough approximately 5m from the original fibrelite trough. We erected the solar pump on the new trough and fitted water meters onto both troughs.

  • Trough 2 was thoroughly cleaned. No algae was evident in Trough 2, however, Trough 1 was full of algae after just three days.

  • The sheep were not seen loitering around the trough as they had since they were shifted into this paddock.

  • The client relocated the solar pump to another trough in a different paddock which was approximately 5m long. There was no algae present in the first 4m of the trough closest to the pump, however, there was algae in the last metre of the trough. This was due to the pump not creating enough water disturbance throughout the entire length of the trough.
  • Justin modified the pump outlet to achieve a better water distribution, which subsequently resulted in no algae present in the water.
  • Due to the success of the initial trial, a second trial was set up with the 3 troughs in the photo.
  • This was to assure that the system was actually working and controlling the algae.
    • Trough 1; solar pump system only
    • Trough 2; solar pump with a magnetic water softener
    • Trough 3; solar pump with activated carbon filter
  • Water meters were fitted to all troughs. 
  • The water consumption did not vary much at all between the three troughs. No algae was present in any of the troughs throughout the trial. 
  • It was noticed that algae was actually present in the clear delivery pipe to the trough but not evident in any of the troughs. 


Every five days for dirt, remnants of feed and debris.