Sheep Feedlot, Renmark


Trial Date April 2016

To control algae and film sheep drinking habits.

Situation Feedlot.
Water Type

Untreated river water.

Algae issues

Yes, a very high concentration of algae in the cement water trough which required daily cleaning.

Stock type/numbers

Merino lambs/220 (top lot) and Saam lambs/120 (bottom lot).

Cleaning frequency (pre-trial)

Every day for feed remnants, dirt and debris.


Trial Clarification 

There were 2 feedlots involved in this trial. These are referred to as the Top Feedlot and Bottom Feedlot for trialling purposes.

  • Each feedlot contains an existing cement trough.

  • A new galvanised trough was set up with a solar pump within four metres of the existing cement trough in each feedlot.

  • Water meters were fitted to all four troughs.
  • The cement troughs did not have solar pumps fitted.
  • Prior to the trial, the client was cleaning the cement troughs daily to remove algae and feed.

Trial Comments 

  • The client reported no algae in the new galvanised troughs with the solar pump fitted, but a high concentration of algae in the original cement troughs.

  • These observations are clearly apparent from the video footage we have collected.

  • The water meter readings provided conclusive evidence as to which troughs the sheep were drinking from. However, the drinking habits of the sheep appeared to be a little strange; they spent considerable time herding around the cement trough and appeared to be sipping water or licking the cement trough. However, the water meters suggested otherwise.

  • In the first week, a water meter was deemed faulty. Three weeks after replacing the faulty water meter, trial readings were resumed.


Top Feedlot

Galvanised trough with solar pump: 4,593 Litres (4th–25th April)

Cement Trough no solar pump: 486 Litres (4th–25th April)


Bottom Feedlot

Galvanised trough with solar pump: 163 Litres (25th–26th April)

Cement Trough no solar pump: 5 Litres (25th–26th April)

*Note - On 26th April the solar pump on the galvanised trough in the Bottom Feedlot was removed and fitted to the cement trough.