Chris Grieger first began researching trough water when he realized that using copper sulphate to contain algae was damaging his own line of galvanized troughs, the Croc Trough.

While working on the pump system, he decided to look into filtration options, and after numerous trials landed on the current magnetic process he has today.

Further trial and error followed with filtration boxes (hence the 2 types, feedlot and pastoral), nanobubble creation and a mineral delivery compartment. Further development is being done around the use of UV Light technology, and excitingly, an anti-freeze system so animals can continue to drink in low temperatures.

The Croc TPS has been developed to give producers cleaner water for their livestock, and all the associated benefits, at an affordable price. 



As the owner, designer and developer of the Croc TPS, Chris has over 25 years experience in the agricultural industry having run CG Rural, a successful CRT business for 15 years, and spent time with CRT, Landmark and Elders in sales roles. Chris also designed and manufactured the Croc Trough, which has since been sold and now marketed as the Cyclone Trough.

Chris has spent a number of years researching options to cleanse livestock water in troughs. He has put together over 25 trials, all of which have given Chris better understanding of the multitude of water types in the bush, and the intricacies of providing clean water for stock.