Why A CROC Trough Pumping System?


Improved water quality for livestock

We think our livestock deserve clean, clear water, all day, every day. The Croc Trough Pumping System has been designed to improve the quality of our animals’ drinking water through filtering, softening and aeration. After 5 years research and with data from over 25 private trials, we’ve seen the benefits of the product and want to ensure all producers have the opportunity to share in the innovation, continuing to improve our animals’ health.


Water; the key nutrient for production

Owner Chris Grieger has spent 30 years servicing the rural industry, having stints with CRT, Landmark, Elders and then running his own CRT store for 15 years. He has held close relationships with key pastoral entities in the NT and SA as well as large cropping enterprises in SA and VIC. Chris also originally designed and manufactured Croc Troughs, now sold as Cyclone Troughs. Trough research whilst on property led Chris to the opinion that we haven’t put enough time into water improvement for our animals, and given water is the key nutrient for production, we needed to. This resulted in an independent, self-funded, 5 year path of study, trial and error to try to improve livestock trough water.


Reduction in algae, reduction in risk for livestock

Trials have shown a considerable reduction in algae due to the aeration process. Blue-Green algae remains toxic to livestock.

In nearly all private trials trough cleaning time has halved. Depending on the size of your enterprise, this might amount to a substantial saving in costs.
Magnets have been shown to break down compounds and allow nutrients to be more available to animals, resulting in better growth patterns.

Croc TPS would like to thank all producers that have helped with trials and facilitated our outstanding results!


All water is different and due to the unique characteristics of different sources of water, the Croc TPS may have varying results.

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