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Solar-Powered Pump Systems that aerate, soften, filter and oxygenate your trough water.

The Croc Trough Pumping System has been designed to improve the quality of animals’ drinking water through oxygenation, filtering, softening and aeration. Operating entirely by solar power, this efficient system is a reliable, cost-effective and sustainable solution for Australian farmers.

This complete, versatile system has been designed to fit seamlessly onto both new and existing troughs, including concrete, steel, poly, rectangle or round troughs.


Croc TPS50 Pump Systems
For Large Troughs

Ideal for larger troughs, including round and oval troughs over 1.5m in diameter and rectangular troughs over 2.5m in length.

From $495.00

Croc TPS20 Pump Systems
For Small Troughs

Great for smaller rectangular troughs of less than 2.5m, round troughs up to 1.5m, horse troughs, poultry or goat troughs.

From $295.00

Over 5 Years of Research

The Croc Trough Pumping System has been designed to improve the quality of animals drinking water through filtering, softening and aeration. After 5 years of research and with data from over 25 private trials, we have seen the benefits of the product and want to ensure all producers have the opportunity to share in the innovation, continuing to improve our animals health.

Over 30 Years Experience

Owner Chris Grieger has spent 30 years servicing the rural industry, having stints with CRT, Landmark, Elders and then running his own CRT store for 15 years. He has held close relationships with key pastoral entities in the NT and SA as well as large cropping enterprises in SA and VIC.

Croc TPS50 Pump System

Solar Peak Power
50 watts

Pump Max Head
3m (9.8ft)

12 months

The Croc TPS50 aerates, oxygenates, softens and filters your trough water to get the best results from your livestock.



Croc TPS20 Pump System

Solar Peak Power
20 watts

Pump Max Head

12 months

The Croc TPS20 aerates, oxygenates, softens and filters your trough water to get the best results from your livestock.



Customer Testimonials

Peter Haby, Nildotti, SA

“The water is definitely cleaner, and water meters showed that the animals drank a lot more from the troughs with the system installed. My troughs are cleaner also. I can see the benefits and continue to buy and install more systems.”


Nick Ashby, Muanu Cattle Transfer Facility, SA

"In trials we held we noticed a reduction in feed intake by the cattle on the Croc TPS pump, but experienced similar, if not better weight gains."


Aaron Prettejohn, Beckersfield Pastoral

“The trough pump system inhibits the settling of dust on the water, making it more palatable for sheep. The troughs appear cleaner and while we continue to clean our troughs daily, we could clean less now if needed. There looks to me to be benefits to growth rates and as such we have now got around 50 pump systems installed. “


Robbie Johnson, Kapunda, SA

"The cattle show a preference for the troughs with the Croc TPS system attached, drinking a lot more water from those troughs. The motion ensured no dust settled on the water and kept it a little warmer during very cold days making it more palatable. On top of these benefits, time cleaning the troughs was reduced significantly."

Justin Boughen
Kamora Netley Park

“Kamora Netley Park Poll Merino Stud first started using the solar trough pumps about 6 years ago when CG Rural bought it to our attention. There was a lot of study done on nutrition but not a lot done on water. From here we set up a feedlot trial with 3 troughs all with water meters. The one with the solar trough pump was a clear winner according to the sheep. They preferred the fresh running sound the pump makes even drinking from the top of the water fountain. The water was cleaner with less algae build up.

Due to this trial we took the solar trough pumps to a broadacre trial. Here we found the sheep would come in, drink and straight back feeding due to the efficiency of this solar trough pump. It is amazing how the noise of the water pumped out the top of the trough, sounds like a fresh waterfall or running creek. We know now this entices the animals to drink. Without the pumps the sheep would come in and sniff around the trough trying to find the best clean water, the pumps solved this problem. The broadacre trial showed the troughs were a lot cleaner and less algae build up as sheep appeared a lot fuller and content, which means less stress and greater returns.

We believe we have only touched the tip of what can be achieved with better techniques and thank CG Rural for their ongoing support.
• Cleaner water/less algae build up
• Less stress on the animals, greater returns
• Easy to install and maintain
• Greater weight gains and feed conversions in feedlots
• Sounds like a fresh running waterfall or creek, which entices the animals to drink
• Extremely cost effective for the returns gained”

Ross Waller, Animal Nutrition and Production Specialist

“Oxygen is required for virtually all processes within an animal's body. These processes include the metabolic process, the rejuvenation of cells and fighting off invading pathogens. By increasing the amount of free oxygen (O+) available to the animal, these processes are enhanced. Food is metabolized more effectively, thereby improving the feed conversion efficiency. As blood oxygen levels are increased cells are rejuvenated, enabling them to more effectively fight off invading pathogens. If a water circulating device is used or an oxygenating device that causes micro or nano bubbles to remain in situ the slightly effervescent taste of the water, will cause the animal to consume elevated quantities this will in theory elevate feed intake and affect feed conversion efficiency. The end result is a healthier animal that gets to market sooner."


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